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November 18 2017

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Susie Freeman, Jubilee, 2000, wedding dress with (a lifetime average) 6,279 contraceptive pills, from a women’s health exhibition # womensart
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November 17 2017

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Designer / Developer

/* by The coding love */

November 14 2017

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Cannot find the article … but all those comments on pr0gram putting this into the context of sexual assault have some stupid shit going on in their head, I assume.
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Graphic from 21 June 2017
Source https://howmuch.net/articles/worlds-money-in-perspective

@pdl2h please add to caption
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evidence that ancient paleolithic venus statues were made by women who were examining their own bodies and sculpting them from their own point of view, not, as previously assumed, exaggerated features from an outside perspective

source: toward decolonizing gender: female vision in the upper paleolithic, catherine hodge mccoid and leroy mcdermott, 1996

Weird how everything makes more sense if you stop assuming men did everything ever

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What I say: “I’m touch-starved.”

What you think I mean: “I need a hug.”

What I truly mean: “I need someone to platonically lie across me with their full weight, crushing my body and providing deep pressure until my errant soul is reabsorbed into my flesh. Also, a hug would be nice.”

I’ve had to explain this to people who think it’s weird, but when I add, “You know… like cats…” they seem to understand.

November 08 2017

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oder: „aus dir soll mal was werden“ aka irgendwas mit Prestige
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November 07 2017

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Keine Kaffeekapseln mehr und nicht jedes Jahr ein neues Smartphone – so könnte der Weg in eine bessere Welt aussehen. In seinem Buch “Neben uns die Sintflut” beschreibt der Soziologe Stephan Lessenich, wie wir alle auf Kosten der armen Länder im Süden und im Osten leben und wie wir das ändern können.


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[Image description: drawing of a green and purple turtle above a caption that says “I can do this even if it’s difficult. I can do this even if it takes times. I can do this even if I can’t do it in the exact way I originally planned. I can do this.”]

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November 06 2017

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November 05 2017

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Der Mensch, der plant – das Schicksal lacht.
— unknown
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November 04 2017

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