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March 17 2017

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March 15 2017

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March 11 2017

Muma Pădurii aesthetic

Romanian folklore creatures series - VI

Muma Pădurii is an ugly and mean old woman living as a spirit of the forest . She is an evil witch, the opposite of fairies and literally means “the Mother of the Forest”, though “mumă” is an archaic version of “mamă” (mother).

She lives in a dark, dreadful, hidden little house or in the hollows of old trees, and sometimes goes to the huts of those living near the forest to scare them. If a brave man manages to catch and tie her, she will fulfill a wish. She is also thought to attack children, and because of this, a large variety of spells (descântece in Romanian) are used against her.

In the forest she is a sad mother, mourning, groaning, snorting, howling, because people are cutting her babies, the trees in the forest. She will punish every man whistling or singing through the woods, woodcutters who disregard the rules of the forest, those who collect berries, wild apples and pears, hazelnuts.

The Solomonar aesthetic

Romanian folklore creatures series - I

The Solomonar is a wizard who is believed, in Romanian mythology, to control clouds and rain. They are able to call a hailstorm, to cure diseases and to master the highest knowledge about the Universe. They were not supernatural creatures, but rather humans who learned special abilities, described as tall people, wearing white capes and magic tools around their waists. The knowledge is transmitted from a master to disciple, taken at birth from the ones born bearing a particular birth mark, taken into forests or in caves to learn the art and craft of wizardry, which they will use to fight against the dark forces of nature and of the human spirit. The wizard “schools” are at the “end of the earth”, sometimes called “the other realm” and they teach mostly astrology, fortune telling, mastering all meteorological phenomena. Solomonars have a special book in which all their knowledge and power is gathered. This is the book they use during their apprenticeship and only one out of seven apprentices becomes a Solomonar.
Some legends say that in the caves they are trained by the devil himself, so actually evil beings, descending into villages to beg for help even if they don`t need anything, and where they are not treated well they invoke the hailstorm. In other places they are good wizards, using their knowledge to kill demons and punish the sinners
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March 10 2017

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March 07 2017

Making the best out of a boring task

by @uaiHebert

March 06 2017

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February 22 2017

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February 19 2017

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February 17 2017

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 Abzeichen der DEA
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February 14 2017

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July 06 2015

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July 04 2015

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June 23 2015

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June 19 2015

Wie wird wo Deutsch gesprochen?

Nicht ganz, aber doch recht akkurat. Witzig. Und erhoeht auf jeden Fall das Bewusstsein fuer Plurizitaet. (Ist ein Test der einen verortet)
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June 18 2015

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June 17 2015

Wie alle Krabbenspinnen baut die veränderliche Krabbenspinne keine Netze, sondern lauert ihren Opfern aus Verstecken auf; meist findet man sie in Blüten sitzen, wo sie starr auf ihre honigsuchenden Opfer warten. Lässt sich dann dort ein Insekt nieder, wird es ruckartig überfallen und mit einem Giftbiss in den Nacken gelähmt.
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June 14 2015

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